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What Is Apitherapy?

In ancient times, beehive products were used for therapeutic healing and disease prevention. Today that wisdom has harmonized with science is known as Apitherapy.

What Is Honey?

Honey is the product from the bees' collection and natural processing of flower nectar. The composition of honey varies depending on the source of the nectar, but all varieties are nutrient rich. Honey is bacteria resistant and may be used topically and internally for healing purposes. Traditionally, honey has been used to soothe sore throats, calm stomach pains, treat cold and flu symptoms and to dress open wounds. Non-pasteurized honey contains many natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are important to maintain a healthy body. Honey provides nutritious sweetening which may be substituted for sugar in coffee, tea and many recipes. Because honey is twice as sweet compared to sugar only half the amount is needed when substituting; therefore, it reduces the calorie intake.

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is the primary food the nurse honey bees secrete from glands on their heads and manufacture to develop larvae in the beehive. Sometimes referred to as "Honeybee Milk", Royal Jelly plays an essential role in the making of the Queen Bee. She is the only bee fed this creamy thick fluid her entire life. Royal Jelly is exceptionally rich in natural hormones and offers an abundance of B vitamins. Because of this, the Queen lives 40 times longer and is noticeably larger than the other bees in the hive. For humans, Royal Jelly may help prolong life and preserve youthful vitality in the body. Royal Jelly may also be helpful to manage stress, P.M.S., menopause (mid-life), fatigue and impotence. While Royal Jelly is a balanced nutritious food, only a small amount is needed per day (average dosage suggested: 1 or 2 grams per day as needed).

What is Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen is the male seed of a flower blossom that has been gathered by honeyees and to which special elements from the bees has been added. Bee Pollen, often referred to as "nature's most complete food", contains a high concentration of nearly all nutrients your body requires making it an excellent multi-vitamin. As well, Bee Pollen is rich in enzymes and amino acids that the body needs. Bee Pollen may increase energy and endurance and it can help to promote a more efficient metabolism and improve overall immunity by stimulating all organs and glands. This delicious food may also be effective in controlling allergies, especially seasonal, pollen-induced allergies, e.g., hay fever. Bee Pollen should be taken on a daily basis starting first with a few granules, gradually working up to a teaspoon average dosage, then taken as needed. Everyone can benefit from taking Bee Pollen.

What Is Propolis?

For thousands of years Propolis has been touted as an antibacterial, antiviral and cell regeneration stimulant. Propolis is a potent natural mixture of various amounts of leaf bud and tree resin, combined with beeswax and enzymes collected and produced by the honeybees. It is found in the beehive and helps to "sterilize" and inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses within the colony. Propolis holds powerful bioflavonoids and antioxidants. The composition in Propolis may vary but it is always guided by the intelligence of the bees themselves. Propolis acts as a natural antibiotic and may be used to prevent and build resistance against illness and infections. Propolis may be used topically and internally (average dosage suggested: 500 - 1000 mg taken as needed).

What Is Beeswax?

Honeybees have been long regarded as models of industry and purity. Pure Beeswax is a natural product that is secreted from the wax glands of honeybees as they go about their business of producing and storing honey in the hive. Beeswax holds a delightful floral scent that is pleasing to all. All Beeswax has a high melting point and holds great value as a long burning candle wax. One Hundred percent pure Beeswax candles have a clean, hot and bright flame that helps to remove toxins and impurities from the air. When lit, they do not drip and are a tonic for relaxing.

Beeswax Skin Cream

Beeswax is a superior natural substance with beneficial effects in skincare and cosmetic products. It helps to penetrate, soothe and protect rough, dry and irritated skin, while leaving the area feeling smooth and soft. 

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Leitch's Honey, Randy Leitch, Orangevill,e Ontario, Canad,a local honey, raw honey, comb honey, beeswax, pollen


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