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I am so happy with Leitch's Unscented Skin Conditioner.

I wanted to thank you for having such a product.

I also wanted to let you know why.  At the Amaranth Farmer's Market a couple of wednesday's ago, my left foot was making me crazy.  It was very dry, very itchy and not pleasant looking.

Reading that your Skin Conditioner was unscented was my first relief. I am so allergic to scents.  Check.  Then, it relieves dry, chapped skin...check.

I love honey products, what do I have to lose. Check.

I applied it on my foot right then and there and within minutes, the itch was gone and after two days, my foot was so much better, I couldn't believe it.  Before the week was over, my foot was completely clear and with the help of a foot file, I had one happy foot again.

Happy feet, happy me.

Thank you for providing me with a non-prescription, unscented skin conditioner, that I will never be without. 

I highly recommend that you try it and see for yourself.  Your dry skin anywhere on your body, will thank you.

Deborah Powell

Having bought some honey on the advice of a friend and taking one teaspoon at night before going to bed to help me fall asleep. I was surprised by a second benefit . After working for seven years on night shift and eating a big lunch at 3 am I could not get out of the habit. Between 3 and 3:30 am almost every night I would wake up hungry, get up and eat something. I have been on day shift now for five years and still wake up hungry. After about a week of taking honey before bed I noticed I was no longer waking up hungry. I, my husband and our dog do not miss the interruption in our sleep. I will continue to take the honey and enjoy the extra rest.

Katherine Brown

Proud Recipient of the Greater Dufferin Area Chamber of Commerce 2010 Agricultural Business Excellence Award


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